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Quiz: How Much You Know About Cell Cycle?

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The cell cycle is an important process and it results in cell division and growth of the living organisms. The cell cycle consists of two major phases – interphase and Mitotic phase (M phase). The interphase phases consist of G 1, S, G2 phases & M phase .M phase consists of prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. So take this quiz and know more about the cell cycle.

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1. The division of the nucleus is known as ...

133273 Cytokinesis
133274 Karyokinesis
133275 Cell division
133276 None of the above

2. The division of cytoplasm is known as ...

133277 Cytokinesis
133278 Cell division
133279 Cytokinesis
133280 None of the above

3. What is the duration of one complete cell cycle duration in humans?

133281 48 hrs.
133282 12 hrs.
133283 24 hrs.
133284 26 hrs.

4. Mitosis is also known as ...

133285 Reductional division
133286 Equational division
133287 Both of these
133288 None of the above

5. Name the inactive stage of the cell cycle.

133289 G1
133290 G0
133291 S phase
133292 M phase

6. Mitosis of 2n cell results into ...

133293 Haploid cells
133294 Triploid cell
133295 Diploid cell
133296 None of the above

7. The function of S phase is ...

133297 To replicate the cell
133298 To Divide the Cell
133299 To replicate the DNA
133300 All of the above

8. What is the sequence of the cell cycle?

133301 G 1, S phase, M phase, G2
133302 G1, M phase, S phase, G2
133303 G1, G2, S phase, M phase
133304 G1, S phase, G2 phase, M phase

9. Which cell structure will disappear during mitosis/meiosis?

133305 Plasma membrane
133306 Nucleus & nuclear membrane
133307 ER & Golgi body
133308 All of the above

10. What is the sequence of M phase events?

133309 Prophase-metaphase-anaphase-telophase
133310 Prophase-anaphase-metaphase-telophase
133311 Telophase-anaphase-metaphase-prophase
133312 Metaphase-anaphase-telophase-prophase
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