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Cell Division Trivia Quiz! How Much You Know About Cell Division?

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Division of cell at the time of growth is the character of life. Without cell division cell growth is not possible. Cell division takes place in three different modes. Modes are a mitosis, mitosis, and meiosis. Cell division consists of three steps replication of the genome, psychokinesis, and cytokineses. Let's check yourself with trivia quiz about Cell Division.

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1. Which one is the direct nuclear division, without the formation of spindle and recognizable appearance of chromosomes?

12785 Meiosis-I
12786 Mitosis
12787 Meiosis-II
12788 Amitosis

2. Who observed amitosis in the RBC of chick embryo?

12789 E. Strasburger
12790 Robert Remak
12791 Robert Brown
12792 Robert Hook

3. In which type cell mitosis takes place?

12793 Reproductive cell
12794 Somatic cell
12795 Both of them
12796 None of them

4. Who described mitosis in plants?

12797 Robert Remak
12798 W. Flemming
12799 E. Strasburger
12800 Farmer

5. Who described mitosis in animals?

12801 Porter
12802 W. Flemming
12803 Farmer
12804 Moore

6. Who coined the term mitosis?

12805 Moore
12806 Robert Brown
12807 Robert Remak
12808 W. Flemming

7. Karyokinesis is...

12809 Division of nucleus
12810 Division of cytoplasm
12811 Division of plant
12812 Division of animal

8. Division of cytoplasm called....

12813 karyokinesis
12814 Cytokinessis
12815 Mitosis
12816 Meiosis

9. How many stages are present in karyokinesis?

12817 3
12818 5
12819 4
12820 6

10. Who proposed the name meiosis?

12821 Robert Hook and Robert Brown
12822 Moore and Morgan
12823 Porter and Palade
12824 Farmer and Moore
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