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Trivia Quiz On Kylie Jenner American Media Personality

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Kylie Jenner is a famous American media personality, also a model, businesswoman, and social person who is active on social media. She has starred in the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians since 2007 and has gained popularity in her early ages. She is considered to be a heartthrob for millions of people. Let us now see hoe much you know about her!

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1. When is Kylie's birthday?

20074 6 february
20075 10 august
20076 13 july
20077 24 march

2. Where was Kylie born?

20078 America
20079 Britain
20080 Germany
20081 California

3. What is Kylie's height?

20082 1.98 meters
20083 1.68 meters
20084 1.57 meters
20085 1.77 meters

4. What is the name of Kylie's sister?

20086 Kyle
20087 Kate
20088 Kendell
20089 Kits

5. What is the name of Kylie's partner?

20090 Travis Scott
20091 Kayne West
20092 Jay Z
20093 Jacky Brown

6. What is Kylie's net worth?

20094 $5 billion
20095 $1 billion
20096 $3 billion
20097 $2 billion

7. What are the number of Kylie's followers on Instagram?

20098 130.7 million
20099 123 million
20100 144.7 million
20101 98 million

8. What is the number of Kylie's following on Instagram?

20102 230
20103 150
20104 134
20105 126

9. How many posts has she posted on Instagram?

20106 6104
20107 5000
20108 7999
20109 6543

10. How many children does Kylie have?

20110 4
20111 3
20112 2
20113 1
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