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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Artificial Intelligence

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The concept of artificial intelligence is very old. In Greek myths, there are stories associated with the concept of 'mechanical man' i.e. a person who mimics our behavior. Today, humans are making machines intelligent with the help of their intelligence and to make machines intelligent, Artificial Intelligence has been named. Artificial intelligence means artificial or man-made intelligence. When a machine or equipment learns and adapts to situations, it comes under the scope of artificial intelligence. It can be called a mixture of thinking, planning, learning, language processing, concept, speed, creativity, etc. Let's take this Artificial Intelligence trivia quiz.

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1. When was the term Artificial Intelligence first used?

47658 In 1956
47659 In 1955
47660 In 1990
47661 In 1965

2. Who is called Father of Artificial Intelligence?

47662 John Backus
47663 Marvin Minsky
47664 John mccarthy
47665 Allen Newell

3. Which one Hollywood movie based on Artificial intelligence?

47666 Matrix
47667 Eye Robot
47668 Terminator
47669 All of the above

4. By whom it was said that "If a man makes a machine with better thinking than himself, then the greatest danger will arise for the survival of man".

47670 John Backus
47671 Marvin Minsky
47672 John mccarthy
47673 Bill Gates

5. The FPGA configuration is generally specified using a_______________.

47674 Hardware description language
47675 Application-specific integrated circuit
47676 Electronic design automation
47677 Circuit diagrams

6. Which is the current example of {AI} in a smartphone?

47678 Google Chrome
47679 UC Browser
47680 Google Assistance
47681 Amazon

7. The Union Water Resources Ministry has entered into an agreement with which well-known company, which will help in the effective and effective management of floods in India?

47682 Space X
47683 Tesla
47684 Google
47685 Mahindra

8. Niti Aayog has launched '___________' in partnership with Perlin, a Singapore-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup.

47686 AI 4 All Global Hackathon
47687 AI 3 All Global Hackathon
47688 AI 2 All Global Hackathon
47689 AI 1 All Global Hackathon

9. The National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence is a part of a whose initiative in India?

47690 PMO office
47691 Niti Aayog
47692 Make in India
47693 All of the above

10. India's mission is to develop ________________-centred artificial intelligence.

47694 Man-centred
47695 Machine- centred
47696 Bother of the above
47697 None of these

11. NITI Aayog has organized this global hackathon to take forward whose idea in artificial intelligence strategy?

47698 AI 4 All
47699 Awareness
47700 Same time information
47701 All of the above

12. What do you mean by 'FPGA processing'?

47702 Field-Programmable Gate Array
47703 File-Programmable Gate Array
47704 Field-Programmable Great Array
47705 Field-Programmable Gate Array
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