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Hogwarts House Test: Which Harry Potter Hogwarts House?

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Questions & Options

1. Pick any of the accompanyings:

21750 Hermione Granger
21751 Draco Malfoy
21752 Harry Potter
21753 Dobby the House Elf

2. When you are dying, you would like to...

21754 Be encompassed by deep-rooted companions
21755 Be affluent enough
21756 Have made progress
21757 Have took in a great deal from life

3. What is your preferred character in the Harry Potter arrangement?

21758 Harry Potter
21759 Ron Weasley
21760 Professor Albus Dumbledore
21761 Lord Voldemort

4. Do you ever cheat in class?

21762 No
21763 Yes, a considerable measure
21764 Sometimes I do
21765 Frequently

5. Which of these callings most interests to you?

21766 Screenwriter
21767 Movie star
21768 Agent
21769 Lawyer

6. What might you do on the off chance that you are caught in a consuming house?

21770 Run away to get out from the house
21771 Save myself
21772 I'll attempt to spare the same number of individuals as I can
21773 Immediately begin yelling

7. What flaw would you don’t like to find in individuals?

21774 Stupidity
21775 Dishonesty
21776 Laziness
21777 All of them

8. Depict your character in a single word:

21778 Smart
21779 Brave
21780 Enthusiast
21781 Intelligent

9. What house do you wish to be in?

21782 Slytherin
21783 Ravenclaw
21784 Hufflepuff
21785 Gryffindor

10. How would you play with somebody you like the most?

21786 I don't care for being a tease
21787 Try to make a genuine discussion
21788 Make clever jokes to make her/him grin
21789 You convey an extraordinary wink at them
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