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Quiz: Does He Really Love You?

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Are you nervous about meeting him? You want to know is your partner feels the love for you. Discovering each other’s feelings is required to grow a healthy relation. Sometimes it is the eye contact or body language or physical cue gives us clarity on this. Does he find a way to see you every day or he is so busy with his schedule? The honest answer to this super easy and fun quiz will give you an accurate result. Go ahead and know if he loves you or not.

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1. Does he remember your birthday?

85813 Never
85814 Sometimes
85815 Often
85816 Always

2. Is he good at expressing his love?

85817 No
85818 Yes
85819 He expresses sometimes
85820 Hmmm...kind of

3. How much time did he took to say 'I love you' for the first time?

85821 After dating for 3-6 months
85822 He never said that
85823 After we slept together
85824 On the first day we met

4. How do you identify him?

85825 Best friend
85826 Just an average friend
85827 Just a good friend
85828 I just saw him once

5. You know him for how much time?

85829 A few months
85830 We are childhood buddies
85831 A few weeks
85832 A year

6. Does he discuss the future with you?

85833 Not seriously
85834 We have already planned future
85835 Yes, we do plan
85836 We aren't committed

7. What you two usually talk about?

85837 Career
85838 Each other
85839 Family
85840 Sports

8. When you meet, who does most of the talking?

85841 He does
85842 I do
85843 We both do equally
85844 Neither he nor me

9. This time it’s about gesture, what does he do while talking to you?

85845 Look into your eyes
85846 His eyes google around
85847 Stare at your face
85848 Listens but don’t look directly to you

10. Which word describes him best?

85849 Player
85850 Introverted
85851 Flirt
85852 Athlete
Let’s start the quiz

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