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Protoplasm of Vertebrates Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

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Protoplasm is a slimy, viscous, living, colloidal substance distinguish into parts of cytoplasm and nucleoplasm. Protoplasm is composed of 75 to 95% water, 5 to 25% organic and inorganic substances. Organic substances are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and nucleic acids. Inorganic substances exist as free ions or their salts. The percentage of these constituents varies in the cell of different organism and also form one type of cell to another within a single organism. The pH of the cytoplasm is 6.8 and the pH of the nucleoplasm is 7.6- 7.8. Protoplasm coagulates by heating. They exhibit streaming movement, cyclosis amoeboid movement, etc. The fusion product of protoplasts of two somatic cells is called heterokaryon. Basically protoplasm is the physical basis of life. Take this ultimate trivia quiz about Protoplasm of Vertebrates.

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1. What is the percentage of protoplasm in the human body?

40703 45%
40704 35%
40705 75%
40706 95%

2. Which one of the following is considered to be the physical basis of life?

40707 Nucleus
40708 DNA
40709 Protoplasm
40710 RNA

3. Who coined the term protoplasm?

40711 Robert Brown
40712 Purkinje
40713 Robert Hook
40714 Miller

4. All living beings are basically made up of.....

40715 Organic matter
40716 Inorganic matter
40717 Water
40718 All of the above

5. The fusion product of protoplast of two somatic cells is called...

40719 Cytogenesis
40720 Cytosol
40721 Heterokaryon
40722 Protostoma

6. What is the percentage of water in the Protoplasm?

40723 50%
40724 60%
40725 75%
40726 35%

7. All the cell organelles are present in________ part of the cells.

40727 Cytoplasm
40728 Protoplasm
40729 Nucleoplasm
40730 All of the above

8. Organic matter in the Protoplasm includes....

40731 Water
40732 Carbohydrates
40733 Minerals
40734 Ions

9. Protoplasm is...

40735 Emulsion
40736 Molecular solution
40737 Complex colloidal solution
40738 Suspension

10. The ratio of organic to inorganic matter in a cell is...

40739 Variable
40740 10:5
40741 09:1
40742 01:9
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