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Quiz: How Well Do You Know About Rick And Morty Characters?

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Have you ever watched any comedy-drama series? Do you like to binge-watch these astounding series? Are you aware of these shows well enough? If you are a true lover of these series, then you must be loving the finest series, Rick and Morty? Are you aware of all the characters of the series? Do you think you have the intellect to answer about the characters of the show? If you are curious to test your knowledge about the characters of the show, then for all the Rick and Morty lovers we bring a very interesting trivia quiz and see How Well Do You Know About Rick And Morty Characters?

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1. Which universe is Rick from?

114828 C-137
114829 C-132
114830 Zeta 7
114831 J-19

2. Who is Morty's crush?

114832 Janice
114833 Judith
114834 Jennifer
114835 Jessica

3. What type of surgeon is Beth?

114836 Dog
114837 Pig
114838 Horse
114839 Elephant

4. Which rapper's poster does Summer has in her bedroom?

114840 Biggie Smalls
114841 Tupac Shukar
114842 Ice Cube
114843 Kayne West

5. What can Morty transform into?

114844 Building
114845 Horse
114846 Car
114847 Rocket

6. Which How I Met Your Mother character plays Beth?

114848 Cristin Milioti
114849 Ashley Williams
114850 Cobie Smulders
114851 Sarah Chalke

7. What is the name of Morty and Summer's high school?

114852 Harry Herpson High School
114853 Henry Herpson High School
114854 Harryhausen High School
114855 Henrik Ibsen High School

8. What was Jerry's big ad pitch in the simulator?

114856 Got apples?
114857 Need some apples?
114858 Hungry for apples?
114859 How about some apples?

9. What is the meaning of "wubba lubba dub dub"?

114860 I am in great pain. Please help me
114861 I am dead inside
114862 I am crying
114863 I need another drink

10. How old is Rick?

114864 58 years
114865 72 years
114866 60 years
114867 41 years

11. What is the name of Jerry's favorite Ipad game?

114868 Race Cars
114869 Touch Colored Squares
114870 Hop Lily Pads As A Frog
114871 Pop Balloons

12. What is the name of Rick's favorite McNugget sauce?

114872 Szechuan
114873 Sweet and Sour
114874 Sweet Barbeque
114875 Sriracha
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