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What Business Major Should I Choose Quiz

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Management is an essential niche that every business relies on. Thus it is the top choice for college major. When you look around, you too will soon realize the same. Are you smart enough to manage things? Are you a team player or are you dumb in front of people? Set your career goal. Some have dream career in mind while some are still confused. Selecting the right business matters a lot. So, here is a 10 question quiz to provide you clarity on what business major should you choose?

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1. Which according to you is the best business major?

52578 Operations Management and Supervision
52579 Management Science
52580 International Marketing
52581 Credit Management

2. What according to you is the average salary of a business major?

52582 Less than 50,000
52583 50,000 - 75,000
52584 75,000 - 1 lac
52585 More than 1 lac

3. Which degree is best according to you?

52586 Physical Therapy
52587 Nursing
52588 Construction Management
52589 Electrical Engineering

4. Which degree pay the most among the following?

52590 Petroleum engineering
52591 Electrical engineering & computer science
52592 Applied economics and management
52593 Operations research

5. Why are you pursuing business major?

52594 Interest
52595 Family pressure
52596 Money
52597 Status

6. Who is doing business major nearby you?

52598 Relative
52599 Friend
52600 Family member
52601 No one

7. What degree do you need to run a hospital?

52602 Bachelor's degree
52603 Master's degree
52604 PhD degree
52605 Do not know

8. What would you opt after 12?

52606 Animation
52607 Science
52608 Engineering
52609 Medical

9. Which college major is easiest?

52610 English Literature
52611 Creative Writing
52612 Anthropology
52613 Language/Linguistic

10. Why are you doing business major?

52614 Passion
52615 Family pressure
52616 Money
52617 Status
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