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Quiz: How Well Do You Know About Johns Hopkins University?

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Johns Hopkins University is a prestigious private and nonprofit research university that was established in 1876 in Baltimore, Maryland. The university was named after an American entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and an abolitionist Johns Hopkins. This university is considered the first research university in the United State. With a 94% graduation rate and a 13% acceptance rate, this university is the leading University in the whole country. This sophisticated university is well ordered in ten divisions on campuses in Maryland and Washington D.C. It also has its international centers in Italy and China. Hopkins was not able to receive the education he longed for since childhood, so he wanted to provide a university for others, the reason why he wanted to build up this university. This university invests millions of dollars in research work. The university consists of medical school, the nursing school, the Bloomberg School of Public Health Peabody Institute, the Applied Physics Laboratory, the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, the School of Education, the Carey Business School, and various other facilities.

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1. When was Johns Hopkins University established?

91282 1856
91283 1986
91284 1956
91285 1876

2. Who was the first President of Johns Hopkins University?

91286 Daniel Nathan’s
91287 Frank Goodnow
91288 IRA Ramsen
91289 Daniel Coilt Gilman

3. Who is the current and 15th provost of the Johns Hopkins University?

91290 Robert C .Lieberman
91291 Sunil Kumar
91292 Lloyd B. Minor
91293 Steven Muller

4. Which of the following is the mascot and nickname of the Johns Hopkins University?

91294 Blue Jay
91295 Indigo bird
91296 Blue bird
91297 Red bird

5. Which of the following are International centers of Johns Hopkins University?

91298 Japan and New Zealand
91299 Italy and Australia
91300 China and Italy
91301 Thailand and Australia

6. In the year 2019, how many Nobel Prize winners have been affiliated with the university as alumni, faculty members, or researchers?

91302 39
91303 29
91304 42
91305 30

7. How many schools of public Health are under Johns Hopkins University?

91306 24
91307 78
91308 70
91309 43

8. How many schools of Medicine are under Johns Hopkins University?

91310 45
91311 67
91312 53
91313 28

9. How many schools of engineering are under Johns Hopkins University?

91314 35
91315 17
91316 34
91317 24

10. How many schools of Art and Sciences are under Johns Hopkins University?

91318 27
91319 56
91320 43
91321 22

11. Name the non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and developing the talents of the most promising K-12 grade students worldwide.

91322 Center For Innovative Youth
91323 Innovation and Talented Crew
91324 Center For Talented Youth
91325 Center For Innovative Youth

12. In FY 2000, Johns Hopkins received the sum of $95.4 million in research grants from an organization and became its leading recipient in funding. Which organization it was?

91326 Ford automobile company
91327 Cambridge University
91328 NASA
91329 Amazon

13. In which year, Bloomberg Distinguished Professorships program was established by a $250 million donated by Michael Bloomberg?

91330 2011
91331 2012
91332 2013
91333 2014
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