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Quiz: How Well Do You Know About Anjum Chopra?

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Anjum Chopra is a member of Indian's National woman's cricket team. She is a former captain of the Indian woman's cricket team. She is a left-handed best man and right-handed medium pace bowler. She is an Arjuna Award and Padma Shri award honored Indian woman cricketer. she has been part of the Air Indian woman cricket team. She is an inspiration for everyone. So take this quiz on Anjum Chopra and increase your knowledge.

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1. When is her birthday?

97243 26 June 1988
97244 18 July 1982
97245 20 May 1977
97246 11 March 1975

2. Anjum Chopra was born in ....

97247 Uttar Pradesh
97248 New Delhi
97249 Jharkhand
97250 Maharashtra

3. When was Anjum Chopra honored with the Arjuna award?

97251 2011
97252 2003
97253 2007
97254 2013

4. When was Anjum Chopra honored with the Padma Shri award?

97255 2008
97256 2005
97257 2014
97258 2012

5. How many ODI matches she played?

97259 116
97260 108
97261 125
97262 119

6. When was Anjum Chopra ODI debut?

97263 1991
97264 1999
97265 2003
97266 1995

7. What is her Batting average in ODI?

97267 31.59
97268 25.35
97269 30.51
97270 24.59

8. (8) Anjum Chopra played the first T20I cricket match against which country?

97271 Bangladesh
97272 England
97273 New Zealand
97274 South Africa

9. When was she T20I debut?

97275 2006
97276 2003
97277 1998
97278 1995

10. What is his highest score?

97279 109
97280 100
97281 97
97282 105
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