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How To Tell If She Loves You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. How do you get along her?

61022 She seems mad at me
61023 Our relation is perfect
61024 No special feeling
61025 We always have fun together

2. How would you describe her?

61026 Complex, hard to understand
61027 Emotional and Quiet
61028 Dominant
61029 Happy go lucky type who knows how to charm you

3. Does she do special things to surprise you?

61030 Every time we meet she surprise me
61031 On my birthday
61032 She didn’t do anything yet
61033 A few times

4. Does she let you check her phone?

61034 Not tried ever
61035 Yes, I have checked it earlier
61036 No
61037 Can’t say if she will allow

5. When you want to come out with your friends, how does she reacts?

61038 She calls me every half an hour
61039 She doesn’t want me to go
61040 She doesn’t complain and tells me to have a good time
61041 She doesn’t care

6. Does she look to you for advice?

61042 Yes, always
61043 Not every time
61044 Often
61045 She is an independent woman

7. How long do you spend together every day?

61046 ½ an hour
61047 As much as possible
61048 We don’t get time to meet daily
61049 Once a week

8. Does she make plans with you?

61050 Yes
61051 How can I know?
61052 I guess, never!
61053 She trusts and supports my plans

9. When you walk pass by her in the hallway how does she reacts?

61054 You both see each other and smile
61055 She blushes
61056 Ignore me
61057 Make eye contact and continue looking at me until I disappear

10. Who texts first?

61058 She
61059 Me
61060 Sometimes me and sometimes she
61061 We don’t text each other
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