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How To Know If You Like Someone Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. While you watch a romantic picture, how would you feel?

23394 You wish to have this sort of romantic tale
23395 Marginally desirous yet despite everything you believe they're charming
23396 It feels nice
23397 None of the above

2. When somebody says the name of the individual you like, what occurs?

23398 I consider how adorable they are
23399 I smile a little bit
23400 My face gets all hot
23401 Start blushing

3. When the person having a conversation with you, what happens?

23402 I get butterflies in my stomach
23403 I don't have the foggiest idea
23404 I'm cheerful for the discussion yet am not going to peruse into anything
23405 I start getting nervous

4. Valentine's Day is coming up. What is your opinion about it?

23406 I cherish the sweet… and the being a tease doesn't hurt either
23407 It makes me smile in light of the fact that the day is brimming with guarantee
23408 I'm so energized! Love is an astounding thing
23409 None of the above

5. You're walking down a road and see a couple clasping hands. What do you think?

23410 I'm glad for them! I want to be clasping hands with a specific somebody at the present time
23411 I want the same
23412 That is pleasant for them
23413 I don’t know how to react

6. Your telephone lights up and you see it's content from your unique somebody! What occurs?

23414 I cherish when we talk!
23415 I'm all nerves
23416 At long last! Took long enough
23417 None of the above

7. When you see your special someone at work or school, you have a strong eye to eye connection. What would you like to occur straightaway?

23418 Talk to him
23419 Pass a smile
23420 Feeling nervous
23421 Trying to ignore him

8. What you want to gift your special someone?

23422 A teddy bear
23423 A chocolate box
23424 A nice bottle of perfume
23425 Anything which he/she likes

9. What’s the most favorite color of the person you like the most?

23426 Black
23427 Red
23428 Purple
23429 White

10. Has he/she ever complimented you?

23430 Yes
23431 No
23432 Always
23433 Somehow
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