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How Old Are You Quiz

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Age is just numbered, how do you feel from inside matters. Guessing the age is funny, yet it is a mirror of your personality. Are you a young teen from high school or a retiree? Do you act to be more youthful or talk according to your age? A mature person may have a childish personality and vice versa. So, it is fun to guess whether you ‘act your age’ or not. Answer these eccentric questions honestly and we will tell you really how old you are.

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1. Which of the following TV shows do you like to watch?

50298 Big Boss
50299 Friends
50300 Doremon
50301 Dallas

2. What do you do right before going to bed?

50302 Read
50303 Watch TV
50304 Listen music
50305 Net surfing

3. How often do you eat icecream?

50306 Once in a month
50307 Everyday
50308 Twice in a week
50309 I avoid eating icecream

4. Do you live with your parents?

50310 Yes
50311 No
50312 I moved out few months before
50313 I live in hostel

5. Which is your favorite drink?

50314 Milk
50315 Fruit Juice
50316 Coke
50317 Beer

6. When did you last time go to the bar?

50318 Last week
50319 Last month
50320 I don't drink
50321 I don't remember

7. What do you do on Saturday night?

50322 Watch movies
50323 Party with friends
50324 Visit relatives
50325 On a date

8. Which coffee do you like?

50326 Cappacino
50327 Mocha
50328 Flat White
50329 Americano

9. What type of music do you like?

50330 Rock
50331 Metal
50332 Jingles
50333 Hip-Hop

10. What is your dressing style?

50334 Sporty
50335 Formal
50336 Trendy
50337 Formal
Let’s start the quiz

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