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Age is just numbered, how do you feel from inside matters. Guessing the age is funny, yet it is a mirror of your personality. Are you a young teen from high school or a retiree? Do you act to be more youthful or talk according to your age? A mature person may have a childish personality and vice versa. So, it is fun to guess whether you ‘act your age’ or not. Answer these eccentric questions honestly and we will tell you really how old you are.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which of the following TV shows do you like to watch?

A. Big Boss

B. Friends

C. Doremon

D. Dallas

2. What do you do right before going to bed?

A. Read

B. Watch TV

C. Listen music

D. Net surfing

3. How often do you eat icecream?

A. Once in a month

B. Everyday

C. Twice in a week

D. I avoid eating icecream

4. Do you live with your parents?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I moved out few months before

D. I live in hostel

5. Which is your favorite drink?

A. Milk

B. Fruit Juice

C. Coke

D. Beer

6. When did you last time go to the bar?

A. Last week

B. Last month

C. I don't drink

D. I don't remember

7. What do you do on Saturday night?

A. Watch movies

B. Party with friends

C. Visit relatives

D. On a date

8. Which coffee do you like?

A. Cappacino

B. Mocha

C. Flat White

D. Americano

9. What type of music do you like?

A. Rock

B. Metal

C. Jingles

D. Hip-Hop

10. What is your dressing style?

A. Sporty

B. Formal

C. Trendy

D. Formal


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