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How Will I Look Like in 20 Years Quiz

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Selfcare takes a backseat for most of the people when you have a job and a family as well. They get apprehensive about their appearance. Are you dreading your old age? Are you also afraid of becoming a gnarly old person? Then take this simple yet brilliant quiz to find out how you will look in 20 years.

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1. What is your current age?

129205 Below 18
129206 18-25
129207 25-40
129208 Above 40

2. How long have you been married?

129209 Just married
129210 4-5 years
129211 8-10 years
129212 More than 10 years

3. How is your sexual relationship with your partner?

129213 Very good
129214 We share a strong bonding
129215 I do not find pleasure in having sex anymore
129216 I do not stay with my partner

4. Do you have kids?

129217 I have 3
129218 I have 1 kid
129219 I don’t have any
129220 I am getting pregnant soon

5. Are you fit to run a race?

129221 Superfit
129222 Trying to be fit
129223 Not fit at all
129224 Fit as a fiddle

6. Do you lead a stressful lifestyle?

129225 Absolutely
129226 Sometimes
129227 Never
129228 Seldom

7. Do you go for partying?

129229 Regularly
129230 A few times a week
129231 On weekends
129232 Rarely

8. Have you ever struggled in your life?

129233 Very much
129234 More or less
129235 A little
129236 Never

9. Do you belong to a rich family?

129237 I am a millionaire
129238 Rich enough
129239 Neither rich nor poor
129240 I find it tough to earn my bread

10. Do you take care of your health?

129241 Always
129242 Most of the time
129243 Rarely
129244 Never
Let’s start the quiz

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