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How Old Do I Look Quiz

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The way you dress is the first impression of your age. Further, your communication and networking skill gives meaning to the looks. What do your habits, choices, & personality sends? It is pretty funny to even think of. Have you figured out do you look older or younger than your age to the external world? If you often think about how old do I look, take this quiz and find out now.

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1. What is connected to your hobbies?

83805 Arts
83806 Crafts
83807 Electronics
83808 Rugged like astronomy

2. How is your taste in terms of colors?

83809 Bland & flat
83810 Bright & vivacious
83811 Muted tones like Pastel
83812 Black & white

3. Do you have the maturity at par with your age?

83813 I am silly
83814 I am a slow learner
83815 I try to be mature
83816 Most of the time I show maturity

4. When do you wear makeup?

83817 Light makeup for office
83818 All the time
83819 Only for parties
83820 When I am allowed to

5. What type of footwear do we spot you wearing?

83821 Running shoes
83822 Pencil heel sandals
83823 Wedges
83824 Flats

6. How often do you smoke or drink alcohol?

83825 I am a social smoker/ drinker
83826 I am a heavy smoker & drinker
83827 I have not touched these
83828 I used to smoke & drink

7. How much of your head is covered with gray hair?

83829 Half
83830 Full
83831 I have gray hair from inside
83832 I don’t have any gray hair

8. Do you have any of the following skin problems?

83833 Wrinkles
83834 Acne
83835 Cuts & bruises
83836 Blemishes

9. What's the trend of your choice?

83837 Floral
83838 Stripes
83839 Solid
83840 Polka dots

10. What will you rate yourself on the adventure scale?

83841 1-3
83842 4-6
83843 0
83844 Above 7
Let’s start the quiz

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