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The world isn't the best place to live in and you can make it slightly better by doing the bare minimum and that's - being nice. You might have met some people that were unnecessarily mean to others and that might have boiled your blood. It's no joke that a person's kindness towards the human race can radiate immense positivity that would ultimately make everyone happy. Are you wondering whether you're contributing to the world's positivity by being nice enough? Well, take this quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. If you find an abandoned puppy in your street, what will you do?

A. I will bring it home and pet it forever

B. I will feed it and try to find him an owner

C. I will feel sad but won't do anything about it

D. I really wouldn't care

2. What will make you cry the soonest?

A. If my favorite character in a movie dies

B. If I injure myself

C. If my friends betray me

D. If I get a scolding by someone older than me

3. How many close friends do you have?

A. Less than 5

B. 5-10

C. More than 10

D. I don't have friends

4. Have you ever bullied anyone?

A. Yes, it was so much fun

B. Yes, I feel sorry about it

C. No, but I've witnessed someone getting bullied and didn't take a stand for them

D. No, I've no idea what bullying is

5. Have you cheated on an exam?

A. Yes, many times

B. Yes, just once

C. No, cheating is unethical

D. No, but I don't care if anyone else cheats

6. How often do you cry?

A. Everyday

B. Alternate days

C. Once a week

D. I don't remember when was the last time I cried

7. What is your best quality?

A. Loyalty

B. Trustworthy

C. Honest

D. Confidence

8. Which is your favorite pet?

A. Dog

B. Cat

C. Fish

D. Hamster

9. Do you curse?

A. Yes, quite a few times

B. Yes, but not often

C. Never

D. How does that matter

10. How do you celebrate your birthday?

A. I throw a huge birthday party for my friends and family

B. I keep it low-key with my few close friends

C. I take myself on a solo date

D. I don't care about my birthday


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