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How Much You Know About Valentine's Day Quiz

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Valentine's Day is the day of love. Most of the couples celebrate it as the day of romance and love. On this day couple wish their partner and give some special gift to his/ her partner. Every year Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February. So take this quiz and know how much you know about valentine's Day.

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1. Valentine's Day is also called.......

56102 Saint Valentine's Day
56103 Feast of Saint Valentine
56104 Both of these
56105 None of these

2. Which bird is the symbol of valentine's Day?

56106 Sparrow
56107 Peacock
56108 Lovebirds
56109 All of these

3. Which one of the following the true color of valentine?

56110 Black
56111 Red
56112 Green
56113 White

4. Which country banned the celebration of Valentine's Day?

56114 India
56115 Pakistan
56116 Australia
56117 England

5. When was the first Valentine's day was celebrated?

56118 496
56119 754
56120 327
56121 546

6. Which one of the following was the first manufacturer of valentines?

56122 Esther Howland
56123 George
56124 Harold
56125 Aaron

7. Where was the first Valentine's Day celebrated?

56126 Afganistan
56127 Pakistan
56128 Rome
56129 India

8. Which of the following is the most popular Valentine's Day symbol?

56130 Roses
56131 Hearts
56132 Lovebirds
56133 All of these
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