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Quiz: How Much You Know About Richard Dawkins Award?

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Richards Dawkins award is a famous annual award which is presented by Atheist Alliance of America but in 2019 It moved in the hands of Center For Inquiry. The presentation of this award has been started since 2003 it is named after Richards Dawkins a famous English evolutionary biologist who was the world’s top thinker in 2013 reader’s poll of prospectus magazine. This award is open for all the nations in the world. Let's take this quiz and know some interesting facts about Richards Dawkins Award.

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1. Who is the last recipient of the Richards Dawkins award?

97203 Steven Pinker
97204 Javed Akhtar
97205 Christopher Hitchens
97206 Bill Maher

2. When was the Richards Dawkins award started?

97207 2009
97208 2002
97209 2003
97210 2005

3. Who received the first Richards Dawkins award?

97211 James Randi
97212 Penn and Teller
97213 Daniel Dennett
97214 Javed Akhtar

4. Origin of the Richards Dawkins award is...

97215 United Kingdom
97216 California
97217 New Zealand
97218 United State of America

5. The Richards Dawkins award is currently held by how many prices?

97219 12
97220 13
97221 23
97222 18

6. Christopher Hitchens received the Richards Dawkins award in which year?

97223 2012
97224 2009
97225 2011
97226 2010

7. Richards Dawkins was _____ by profession.

97227 Biologist
97228 Mathematician
97229 Chemist
97230 Physicist

8. Name the first Indian to receive the Richard Dawkins award?

97231 Salim
97232 Javed Akhtar
97233 Zoya Akhtar
97234 Rishi Kapoor

9. Name the famous American comedian who won Richards Dawkins of what in the year 2009?

97235 Trevor Noah
97236 Eddie Izzard
97237 Bill Maher
97238 Krystle Dsouza

10. Ayaan Hirsi Ali received the Richards Dawkins award in which year?

97239 2007
97240 2008
97241 2009
97242 2010
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