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How Much You Know About Lockdown In India Quiz

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Lockdown is an administrative order. The lockdown is enforced under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 Act. The Act is administratively applicable to the whole of India. This act is used during a rare problem. If any serious disease has come in the country or state, it can be trusted by the central or state government and it is reaching all the citizens, then the central and state government to implement social distancing (distance from each other at the social level). Can implement this act. Let's know more about Lockdown In India.

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1. Which essential services continue uninterrupted during lockdown?

64566 Health services
64567 Food services
64568 Department related to water and sanitation
64569 All of the above

2. During the lockdown, if the businessman tries to freeze, then strict action has been provided under the Essential Commodities Act,--------------.

64570 Essential Commodities Act 1950
64571 Essential Commodities Act 1955
64572 Essential Commodities Act 1965
64573 Essential Commodities Act 1975

3. During the lockdown, what has the Uttar Pradesh government ordered to provide to families living below the poverty line?

64574 To provide 2 months ration
64575 1000 rupees subsidy per month
64576 To transport essential goods to home
64577 All of the above

4. Which vehicles of the police department have been deployed by the Uttar Pradesh government to deliver essential goods to the house?

64578 PRV-100 vehicle
64579 PRV-102 vehicle
64580 PRV-112 vehicle
64581 PRV-121 vehicle

5. In a way, lockdown can be called a curfew with a provision of which punishment?

64582 Non-penal provision curfew
64583 Punishment provision
64584 Both of the above
64585 None of these

6. How many times has a lockdown been used in the country?

64586 First
64587 Second
64588 Third
64589 Fourth

7. During which emergency lockdown is used?

64590 Health emergency
64591 Financial emergency
64592 Political emergency
64593 All of the above

8. Which of the following true about provisions of penalty in violation of lockdown?

64594 Lockdown does not have to be a penal provision. In a way, lockdown can be called a curfew with no punishment provision
64595 If people get out in it, the police can only explain and send them back. They cannot be jailed or fined
64596 However, the government can also tighten in lockdown
64597 All of the above

9. What should the Indian public do at this time?

64598 People should be patient during crisis
64599 Your activities should be limited
64600 Follow government guidelines
64601 All of the above

10. How many days has the Lockdown period been kept by the Indian government?

64602 04 days
64603 10 days
64604 20 days
64605 21 days
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