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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Cytoskeletal Or Cytoskeleton Structures Of A Cell

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Cytoskeletal structures are visible under the electron microscope. These structures are of three types, the first one is Microtubles, second Microfilaments and the last one is Intermediated filaments. Microtubules are hollow cylinders with their walls consists of the contractile protein tubulin. these subunits are arranged alternative in helix and their lateral projections from cross bridges. Calcium, magnesium, GTP, and calmodulin are required to assemble the microtubule subunits. Microfilaments are the soli rods made up of Globular protein and filamentous protein. Intermediate filaments are solid, noncontractile filaments made up of eight protofilaments. They are larger than microfilaments and are present in all the eukaryotic cells except RBC's. So, take this quiz and increase your knowledge about cytoskeletal structures.

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1. Which cell organelle is responsible for movement of the cell?

30282 Mitochondria
30283 Golgi bodies
30284 Ribosome
30285 Cytoskeleton

2. Microtubules are present in .....

30286 Slime Moulds
30287 Birds
30288 Amoeba
30289 Prokaryotes

3. The number of microtubules is increasing during ....

30290 Protein formation
30291 Vitamin formation
30292 Cell division
30293 None of them

4. Which one forms the motile element of cilia and flagella?

30294 Microtubules
30295 Microfilaments
30296 Both of them
30297 None of them

5. Microfilaments are made of two intertwined strands of a globular protein called .......

30306 Myosin
30307 Actin
30308 Pepsin
30309 Lactin

6. Microtubules are the component of ________ and ________.

30310 Centrosome and ribosome
30311 Lysosome and peroxisome
30312 Golgi bodies and mitochondria
30313 Centriole and basal bodies

7. Which one play an important role in determining the polarity of the cell?

30314 Microfilaments
30315 Intermediated filaments
30316 Microtubules
30317 None of the above

8. Microfilaments are also known as ......

30318 Protein filaments
30319 Actin filaments
30320 Myosin filaments
30321 All of them

9. Which one brings the movement of the plasma membrane during exocytosis and endocytosis?

30322 Microfilaments
30323 Microtubules
30324 Intermediate filaments
30325 All of the above

10. Which one maintain the shape of the cell?

30326 Microtubules
30327 Microfilaments
30328 Intermediate filaments
30329 None of the above

11. _______ of desmosome are made up of intermediate filaments.

30330 Keratin
30331 Protein
30332 Vitamin
30333 Tonofibrils

12. Which of the following causes cleavage of animal cells during cell division?

30334 Microfilaments
30335 Intermediate filaments
30336 Microtubules
30337 Mitochondria

13. Which of the following form spindle in some primitive organisms?

30338 Micotubules
30339 Golgi bodies
30340 Ribosome
30341 Microfilaments

14. Intermediate filaments are made up of different protein like ......

30342 CFTR and C-myc
30343 Glucose transporter and Glycophorin D
30344 Histones and Hydrolases
30345 Keratin and desmin

15. Keratin forms the structural protein of .......

30346 Hair
30347 Nails
30348 Skin
30349 All of them
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