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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Chemical Reaction

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A chemical reaction is a process in which groups of different atoms combine to form a new substance. Photosynthesis, digestion, ripening of fruits, burning of paper, etc. are some of the processes that change the composition of the substance as well as its chemical nature and create a new substance, so such processes are called chemical reactions. The following changes can occur in a chemical reaction. Such as a change in color of matter, change in the state of matter, change in heat energy, absorption or release of energy. There are also motions in chemical reactions, and their study is also very important. The speed of a reaction means the speed at which the concentration or pressure of the substances involved is changing as a result of that reaction. The difference in the speed of different reactions can be seen. Some reactions occur at very rapid speeds while some reactions are very slow. Take this amazing quiz about Chemical Reaction.

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1. The chemical reaction 2 H₂O -----> 2 H₂ + O₂ is called.....

36539 Single displacement reaction
36540 Decomposition reaction
36541 Synthesis reaction
36542 All of above

2. The chemical reaction 8 Fe + S₈ -----> 8 FeS is knowne as.

36543 Decomposition reaction
36544 Single displacement reaction
36545 Synthesis reaction
36546 Double displacement reaction

3. If iron combines with oxygen to make iron oxide, the reactants are…

36547 Iron oxide
36548 Iron and oxygen
36549 Iron and iron oxide
36550 Oxygen and iron oxide

4. The substance produced by a chemical reaction called....

36551 Reactant
36552 Resultant
36553 Product
36554 All of above

5. Who first determined that the masses of the reactants and products must be the same?

36555 Galileo
36556 Lui pasture
36557 Archimedes
36558 Lavoisier

6. What is the meaning of Arrow in a chemical reaction?

36559 The equation is balanced.
36560 Reaction is happening
36561 The two sides are equal
36562 None of these

7. In water, the mass of oxygen is 8 times that of hydrogen, no matter how the water was created. This is known as the Law of ____________.

36563 Multiple Proportions
36564 Mass Conservation
36565 Definite Proportions
36566 No anyone of above

8. Which kind of chemical reaction involves photons from the light?

36567 Decomposition reaction
36568 Synthesis reaction
36569 Single displacement
36570 Photochemical reaction

9. What does a catalyst do to a chemical reaction?

36571 Speeds up the rate of reaction
36572 Stops the reaction
36573 Starts the reaction
36574 None of these

10. A substance that is used up during a chemical reaction called.......

36575 Product
36576 Resultant
36577 Reagent
36578 Reactant

11. Which kind of chemical reaction involves oxygen and another substance producing water and carbon dioxide?

36579 Combustion
36580 Synthesis reaction
36581 Decomposition reaction
36582 Single displacement

12. Which scientist firstly uses the chemical reaction scientifically?

36583 Archimedes
36584 Lui pasture
36585 Zabir ibn Haiyan
36586 None of these
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