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How Much Bisexual Energy Do I Give Off Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Do you like to hang out with people of the same sex as yours?

156807 Not at all
156808 Sometimes
156809 Yes, that’s cool
156810 Depends on the situation

2. Do you always talk to people of the same gender as yours?

156811 Yes, most of the times
156812 If no one from the opposite gender is around
156813 No, I don’t like to talk to the same gender
156814 Depends on the situation

3. Do you have a crush on someone of the same gender as yours?

156815 A lot of times
156816 Never
156817 I am Straight
156818 Not many times

4. Do you like to have romantic eye contact with someone of the same gender as yours?

156819 Not at all
156820 Sometimes
156821 Yes, a lot
156822 I don’t have time for this

5. Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender as yours?

156823 That is unacceptable to me
156824 No, but I wish
156825 Yes, Once
156826 I forgot the count

6. Do you like movies depicting same-sex relationships?

156827 Who doesn’t
156828 Depends on the story
156829 Depends if my favorite actor is acting
156830 Nope

7. Do you have this thought that you are bisexual?

156831 I mean maybe
156832 Not at all
156833 Sometimes
156834 Who doesn’t

8. Do you have fantasies for the same sex?

156835 Never
156836 Maybe
156837 Can’t say
156838 A lot of them

9. Do you have a celebrity crush on a celebrity of the same gender as yours?

156839 Nope
156840 A lot
156841 One or two
156842 I can’t remember

10. Do you think you will ever kiss someone of the same gender as that of yours?

156843 Nope
156844 Depends on situation
156845 Haven’t thought about it
156846 Yes, why not
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