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How Long Will You Live Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Are you male or female?

83301 Prefer not to say
83302 Male
83303 Female
83304 Transgender

2. Which pet do you have?

83305 I do not have a pet
83306 Dog
83307 Cat
83308 Snake

3. Where would you go for lunch if you forget carrying lunchbox?

83309 Don't worry I will have lunch in my office canteen
83310 Go to McDonald's
83311 Go to a nearby restaurant
83312 Go back to home for lunch

4. How do you reach your workplace?

83313 Cycling
83314 Walk to the office
83315 In car
83316 Use public transport

5. How or when do you drink water?

83317 Very less water, only when my throat dries
83318 As prescribed
83319 Lesser than optimum
83320 More than the optimum

6. How many cigarettes do you smoke every day?

83321 I don’t smoke
83322 I smoke occasionally
83323 2-3 cigarettes a day
83324 I am a chain smoker

7. Do you think consuming alcohol is necessary to celebrate?

83325 Absolutely not
83326 Somewhat
83327 This only an excuse
83328 Yes, what is the meaning of celebration without alcohol?

8. What is your exercising regime?

83329 I walk for 10 km every day
83330 I exercise hard in the gym 5 days a week
83331 I hardly move from my place
83332 I do yoga & meditation daily

9. What is your body type?

83333 Skinny
83334 Obese
83335 Normal
83336 A few extra pounds

10. What do you often have for dinner?

83337 Fresh salad
83338 Fried food
83339 Spaghetti
83340 Anything is good
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