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General Knowledge Quiz For 6th Grade Students

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We made a quiz about social studies for 6th-grade students. In this quiz, you can learn interesting knowledge about the world, incredible places, full of beautiful natural landmarks, amazing manmade creations, and full of rich history, so check how much do you really know about it. Let's start this quiz and know about social studies.

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1. What is the most widely spoken language in the world?

81789 Mandarin Chinese
81790 Hindi
81791 English
81792 Arabic

2. Which country has the largest number of English speakers?

81793 United Kingdom
81794 China
81795 United States
81796 Japan

3. What percent of the U.S. Government budget is devoted to foreign aid?

81797 10%
81798 1%
81799 25%
81800 50%

4. Which country is the leading seller of military arms and equipment?

81801 United States
81802 India
81803 Japan
81804 China

5. Which of the following countries does NOT grant birthright citizenship?

81805 Japan
81806 France
81807 South Korea
81808 United States

6. Which country has the most nuclear reactors for the purpose of generating electricity?

81809 India
81810 Japan
81811 United States
81812 Germany

7. Approximately how many years does it take for a plastic water bottle to decompose?

81813 100
81814 50
81815 300
81816 600

8. Which country holds the most U.S. government debt?

81817 China
81818 Japan
81819 South Africa
81820 None of the above

9. Approximately how many refugees were there in the world by 2018?

81821 70 million
81822 69 million
81823 50 million
81824 48 million

10. How many living languages are there in the world?

81825 7,106
81826 7000
81827 6,506
81828 7109

11. What is the most popular language in the world?

81829 Hindi
81830 English
81831 Chinese
81832 None of the above
Let’s start the quiz

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