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Forests Our Lifeline Trivia Quiz For 7th Grade

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Forests are called the lungs of the earth and they are necessary for man to live because it fulfills the needs of our daily life. Forests serve various purposes for humans as well as nature, so they are an important resource. In ancient times, humans lived in forests and it met all our requirements to live a normal life at that time. There is no formal definition of forests, but the definition of forest in our own language, a forest is an area or part of the land that is covered with trees and different types of plants. Not only this, but forests also form a complete ecosystem consisting of various living organisms such as trees, shrubs, plants, microorganisms, wild animals, and birds. Temperature and rainfall are the two most important things for forests. So let's start this quiz and collect some important questions on" Forests: Our Lifeline".

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1. Which one is the largest forest in the world?

115496 Amazon forest
115497 Daintree Forest
115498 Congo Rainforest
115499 Sundarbans forest

2. The branch portion above the stem is called ……

115500 Cub
115501 Shrub
115502 Crown
115503 Canopy

3. Pick the animal name which lives in deeper areas of the forest?

115504 Fox, Elephant
115505 Boars, Bisons
115506 Cow, Tiger
115507 Boars, Lion

4. ... is it not a forest product.

115508 Sand
115509 Humus
115510 Wood
115511 Mushroom

5. ..... is prepared from the wood obtained from the forest.

115512 Plastic
115513 Thermocol
115514 Matchsticks
115515 None Of These

6. Do different layers provide food and ……………… for animals?

115520 Herb
115521 Honey
115522 Shelter
115523 None Of These

7. The forest is called ............... because they supply oxygen to the atmosphere.

115524 Branches
115525 Cambium
115526 Green lungs
115527 All Of the above

8. Herbs come to form the … a layer of the forest.

115528 Canopy
115529 Lowest
115530 Emergent
115531 Understory

9. The microorganisms which convert dead plants and animals to humans are called ...........

115532 Resources
115533 Decomposes
115534 Firewood
115535 None of the above

10. The Branch parts of a tree above the stem is known as the...

115536 Herb
115537 Shrub
115538 Crown
115539 Canopy

11. The ............. layer in a forest profile is called the emergent layer.

115540 Canopy
115541 Topmost
115542 Emergent
115543 Understory

12. The layer of a forest that has dead and decaying material is called the ........

115544 Equatorial
115545 Forest floor
115546 Mediterranean
115547 None of the above

13. In which of the following has the strongest stem?

115548 Tree
115549 Creeper
115550 Climber
115551 Bush

14. .... products is not obtained from a forest.

115552 Gum
115553 Ginger
115554 Honey
115555 None of the above
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