Dumb and Dumber Quiz: How Much You Know About Dumb and Dumber?

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Two good-hearted however fantastically silly buddies Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) come across a briefcase complete of cash left in the back of in Harry's automobile with the aid of using Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly), who turned into on her manner to the airport. The pair determine to visit Aspen, Colo., to go back the cash, unaware that it's far linked to a kidnapping. Try this Dumb and Dumber trivia quiz and mark the highest score!

Questions Excerpt

1. Dumb and Dumber was released on what date?

A. November 15, 1990

B. July 3, 1997

C. December 16, 1994

D. December 12, 2000

2. Lloyd worked what kind of job?

A. Limo Driver

B. Dog Groomer

C. He's unemployed

D. Crossing Guard

3. The one Lloyd Christmas loves is?

A. Mary Swanson

B. Sandra Leeson

C. Claire Witfield

D. Jenny Smith

4. Mary Swanson leaves what item behind at the airport?

A. Her Purse

B. a Pack of Gum

C. a Briefcase

D. a Notebook

5. What is the origin of Lloyd and Harry?

A. Boston, Massachusetts

B. Ithaca, New York

C. Los Angeles, California

D. Providence, Rhode Island

6. What is the final destination of Harry and Lloyd's search for Mary?

A. Denver, Colorado

B. Aspen, Colorado

C. Dallas, Texas

D. Atlanta, Georgia

7. What annoying song do Harry and Lloyd sing during their cross-country trip?

A. "Mockingbird"

B. "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

C. "The ABCs"

D. "It's a Small World"

8. What animal is Harry's van decorated like?

A. Cat

B. Fox

C. Deer

D. Dog

9. In exchange for Harry's van, Lloyd traded what kind of vehicle?

A. Moped

B. Truck

C. Bicycle

D. Car

10. Lloyd Christmas is known for what physical characteristic?

A. Unibrow

B. Chipped tooth

C. Big ears

D. Missing thumb

11. What is Mary Swanson's reason for leaving her briefcase behind at the airport?

A. To pay a ransom

B. It's an accident

C. She's carrying too much luggage

D. The handle breaks

12. What is the method of killing Joe Mental by Lloyd and Harry?

A. They hit him with their car

B. Rat poison

C. Push him off a roof

D. The feed him tuna which he is allergic to

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