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Do You Know About Turkey Attack on Syria? Test Your Knowledge About Turkey Attack on Syria Trivia Quiz

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The United State removed its forces from Syria, Turkey began military operations against the Kurdish fighters of Syria (Operation Peace Spring) under the military campaign. Significantly, the Kurdish fighters of Syria were America's allies in the war against the Islamic State. Countries around the world criticized this military action by Turkey, saying it would lead to unrest in the Syrian region. This war-like atmosphere can present an opportunity to revive the Islamic State and worsen the situation in the Middle East. This war-like atmosphere can present an opportunity to revive the Islamic State and worsen the situation in the Middle East. By taking advantage of the pro-democracy movement, Turkey wanted to increase its influence in the Arab region, as well as Turkey's idea was to establish Muslim political parties in these countries. Take this trivia quiz about Turkey Attack on Syria.

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1. In 2010, the pro-democracy movement started in Central Asia, by what name is it called.

36343 Turkey's Spring
36344 Iran Spring
36345 Arab Spring
36346 Syria Spring

2. Where did the Arab Spring movement begin that slowly spread to different countries?

36347 Turkey
36348 Tunisia
36349 Thalaivan
36350 Thailand

3. In which countries did the pro-democracy movement called Arab Spring to spread?

36351 Libya
36352 Egypt
36353 Lebanon
36354 All of above

4. Which countries does Syria share their border with?

36355 Lebanon
36356 Turkey
36357 Iraq
36358 All of above

5. According to Turkey, Syrian Kurds belong to which party?

36359 Arab Spring Workers Party
36360 Marxist Workers Party
36361 Kurdistan Workers Party
36362 Jihadi Workers Party

6. According to Turkey, the purpose of this military action was to eliminate the '___________' on Turkey's southern border.

36363 Trade corridor
36364 Terrorist corridor
36365 Kurds corridor
36366 None of these

7. What can this attack done by Turkey on Syria mean for India economically?

36367 Unfavorable
36368 Favorable
36369 Trade loss
36370 All of above

8. According to "The Oil and Gas Journal", how much trillion cubic feet of Syria's proven natural gas reserves have been estimated?

36371 9.5 trillion cubic feet
36372 7.5 trillion cubic feet
36373 4.5 trillion cubic feet
36374 8.5 trillion cubic feet

9. Which are the major industries and products of Syria?

36375 Petroleum
36376 Textiles
36377 Beverages
36378 All of above

10. What is the name of Syria president?

36379 Imad Khamis
36380 Bashar al-Assad
36381 Recep Tayyip Erdogan
36382 Princess jayad

11. What is the name of Turkey president?

36383 Recep Tayyip Erdogan
36384 Princess jayad
36385 Recep Tayyip Erdogan
36386 None of these

12. What is the rank of Turkey in the global competitiveness index 2019?

36387 68 rank
36388 61 rank
36389 60 rank
36390 71 rank
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