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Quiz: Which Power Ranger Are You?

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Power Ranger is the American television series that kept children and adults entertained alike with their team of costumed heroes. The superpowers of them can transform the sinful into virtuous. Have you felt special power like a Power Ranger in you? Do the people around you look up to you when they need to rescue from evil? Do you have a charismatic personality and possess the strength to save anybody? Let this quiz identify which Power Ranger are you or match your personality.

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1. What will be your weapon to fight an evil alien?

133233 Dagger
133234 Lance
133235 Bow
133236 Sword

2. How are you in a group of friends?

133237 The peacemaker
133238 The cool fun-loving one
133239 The leader
133240 The brainy

3. What pizza topping do you like?

133241 Cheese
133242 Veggies
133243 Chicken/sausage steaks
133244 Chocolate

4. You were born under which sun sign?

133245 Leo
133246 Aries
133247 Taurus
133248 Scorpio

5. Your favorite pog set-

133249 Looney Tunes
133250 The Simpsons
133251 Peanuts
133252 Pokemon

6. The evil dinosaur according to you is?

133253 Pterodactyl
133254 Tyrannosaurus
133255 Triceratops
133256 Velociraptor

7. How do you pass your leisure time?

133257 Reading
133258 Chilling with friends
133259 Whatever I feel
133260 Martial arts

8. Which sport do you play?

133261 Volleyball
133262 I do not play any sport
133263 Gymnastics
133264 Martial Arts

9. Do you like music?

133265 Yes, only classical music
133266 Yes, Only Hip Hop
133267 Somewhat
133268 Not at all

10. Pick one word that describes you-

133269 Nerdy
133270 Romantic
133271 Witty
133272 Loner
Let’s start the quiz

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