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Christina Koch NASA Astronaut Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

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Astronaut Christina Koch of the US space agency NASA has created history by taking a walk outside the inner space center (ISS). This is the first time that only a team of women astronauts has walked outside the ISS. Regarding this mission, NASA said that this mission of the pair of women astronauts is a milestone. According to NASA, the coaches are doing a spacewalk for the fourth time. During this campaign, the defective power controller charge battery charge-discharge unit of ISS was to be replaced. The unit was defective since October 11 but, it did not affect the research going to the station or the safety of the astronauts there. Let's test yourself with Christina Hammock Koch trivia quiz.

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1. When was Christina coach born in United States?

40179 29 January 1989
40180 29 January 1979
40181 19 January 1979
40182 09 January 1979

2. Christina Koch got her Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from which University?

40183 North Carolina State University
40184 National Oceanic University
40185 Jacksonville, North Carolina
40186 All of the above

3. Koch's childhood dream was to become an _______________.

40187 Engineering
40188 Astronaut
40189 Spacewalker
40190 None of these

4. When was Koch became a graduate of the NASA Academy program at Goddard Space Flight Center.

40191 In 2001
40192 In 2002
40193 In 2003
40194 In 2004

5. Koch worked as an Electrical Engineer in the Space Department of the Applied Physics Laboratory at where?

40195 Goddard Space Flight Center
40196 Johns Hopkins University
40197 North Carolina State University
40198 California University

6. How many bachelor's degrees does Christina Koch have?

40199 One
40200 Two
40201 Four
40202 Five

7. During his time, what Koch worked as an electrical engineer in the laboratory of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center?

40203 Instrument development
40204 Remote scientific
40205 High Energy Astrophysics
40206 All of the above

8. Koch also served as an Ad-jack faculty at Montgomery College in Maryland and led by whom?

40207 Chemistry Laboratory course
40208 Physics Laboratory course
40209 Astronomical Laboratory course
40210 None of these

9. From __________to __________, Koch worked as an Electrical Engineer in the Space Department of the Applied Physics Laboratory.

40211 2017 to 2019
40212 2006 to 2009
40213 2007 to 2009
40214 2007 to 2010

10. On which date, Koch launched to the International Space Station on Soyuz MS-12?

40215 On 14 Mar 2019
40216 On 14 Mar 1999
40217 On 14 Mar 2009
40218 On 24 Mar 2010

11. When was Koch scheduled to perform her first EVA?

40219 19 March
40220 29 March
40221 09 March
40222 15 March

12. How many time will Christina Koch be in space?

40223 368 days
40224 365 days
40225 328 days
40226 338 days
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