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Robert Behnken Astronaut Trivia Quiz

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Robert Behnken is the first astronaut to launch to orbit from the US since 2011. He is a member of the crew flight mission of NASA’s demo 2 mission. This American based astronomer, born on July 28, 1970, holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and the PhD degree in mechanical engineering from the California Institute of Information Technology. Before becoming an astronaut, he completed two space shuttle flights and three spacewalks in each of his missions. He was a veteran air force test pilot and a flight test engineer in the US air force who was selected by NASA as an astronaut after his extensive pilot test in July 2000. Behnken is married to his fellow astronaut K. Megan McArthur and has a young son. So take this quiz and know more about Astronaut Robert Behnken.

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1. Robert Behnken was selected by NASA in which year?

91334 2000
91335 2001
91336 2002
91337 2003

2. For what mission was Robert Behnken was sent to space?

91338 NASA’S Demo 1 mission
91339 NASA’S Demo 2 mission
91340 STS 134 mission
91341 Space shuttle mission

3. From which Institute did Robert pursued his Ph.D. degree?

91342 Center of Astrophysics, Massachusetts
91343 Europe space agency,Paris
91344 California Institute of Information Technology
91345 Harvard University, United State

4. Who was the co-member and astronomer with Robert Behnken?

91346 David Axon
91347 Halton arp
91348 Douglas Hurley
91349 Christopher Aikman

5. In which years Behnken completed his shuttle flights?

91350 20,082,009
91351 20,092,010
91352 20,102,011
91353 2008,2010

6. Through which private company was Robert sent to space?

91354 Space X
91355 Boeing
91356 Orbital sciences
91357 XCOR Aerospace

7. What responsibility as a member was given to Robert in mission Demo 2?

91358 Spacecraft commander
91359 Joint operational commander
91360 IT specialist
91361 Ground support operation

8. What was the profession of Robert before he became an astronaut?

91362 IT engineer
91363 A physicist
91364 An entrepreneur
91365 Air force test pilot

9. When was Robert Behnken born?

91366 July 20,1975
91367 July 25,1970
91368 July 28,1970
91369 July 26,1978

10. What was the name of the second mission in which Robert Behnken participated and did spacewalking?

91370 STS 130
91371 STS 134
91372 STS 127
91373 Space shuttle mission
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