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Ultimate Trivia Quiz On Astronaut Abigail Harrison

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Astronaut Abby or Abigail Harrison is the famous American astronaut and an advocate for STEAM education, particularly in the area of the United States space program. Besides this that she is an internet personality, a public figure, a science communicator, a speaker, and a writer. Harrison was born on June 11, 1997, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, U.S. Abigail aspire to be the first person to set foot on Mars. Harrison is the founder and leader of Mars Generation, a non-profit with a mission to excite young people and adults about human space exploration and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education.

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1. Native birthplace of Abigail Harrison is...

92990 United States of America
92991 Australia
92992 California
92993 United Kingdom

2. When was Abigail Harrison born?

92994 April 2,1997
92995 June 11, 1997
92996 June 2,1998
92997 June 6, 1996

3. Harrison is the founder and leader of which non-profit Space mission?

92998 Blue origin
92999 Mars generation
93000 Astrobotic
93001 Axiom space

4. Fields of interest of Harrison are...

93002 Astrophysics and mathematics
93003 Quantum physics
93004 Theoretical science and applied science
93005 Astrobiology and communication science

5. Harrison is the Advocate of which field...

93006 STEM
93007 ARTS
93009 STEAM

6. Harrison has been nominated for which award in the year 2015...

93010 Phoenix award
93011 Role model award
93012 Teen Hero award
93013 Discovery award

7. In which year did Harrison receive the Air and Law Institute's (ALI) Inspiration Award?

93014 2017
93015 2015
93016 2014
93017 2018

8. Which work of Harrison was published in NASA ISS Blog (A Lab Aloft), April 29, 2013?

93018 Inspiring Others to Dream Big
93019 Why We Must Go To Mars
93020 Astronaut Abby Hearts NASA
93021 Meet a Teen With Space Dreams

9. On which date did Harrison give her interview on “ circle of inspiration “ on the TED X?

93022 November 23 2012
93023 October 25 2013
93024 December 16 2015
93025 September 19 2014

10. Harrison appeared on an episode of the NASA Digital Learning Network titled "Women Paving the Path to Mars"...

93026 June 15 2014
93027 April 20 2016
93028 April 25 2017
93029 August 16 2018
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