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Catholic Quiz For Marriage Compatibility

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Questions & Options

1. Do you feel that your partner feel good to pray with you?

18682 Yes
18683 Not sure about that
18684 Maybe
18685 No

2. Does your partner refuse to go church with you?

18686 No, they are flexible and that’s very encouraging
18687 Sometimes
18688 A couple of times
18689 All the time

3. Does your partner know about Jesus?

18690 Yes,a lot
18691 Yes, kind of
18692 They don’t know that much about the man
18693 No, and they don’t even want to try

4. Does your partner know about the religion Christian?

18694 Yes, they do
18695 Yes
18696 No, but at least they ask questions
18697 Not really

5. Do you think that your partner believes in god?

18698 Yes
18699 It is possible, but you are not sure
18700 Probably not
18701 No

6. Does your partner belong to a Christian family?

18702 Yes
18703 You are not sure
18704 You have no idea and you never even asked them
18705 No

7. Do you believe that religion is important in any relationship?

18710 Yes
18711 Sometimes, because you really like this person a lot
18712 Not really
18713 No, not at all

8. Has your partner ever read the bible before?

18722 Yes, you often read it together
18723 Yes, you think so
18724 Yes, and sometimes you read it together
18725 No, not yet

9. According to you, does your partner know the Pope’s role?

18726 Yes, they know he is our ambassador on earth
18727 Yes, kind of
18728 No, you don’t think so
18729 No

10. Do you feel that your partner know where the Vatican is?

18730 Yes, they know it is Catholic
18731 Yes, they know it’s where the pope lives
18732 Yes, they know it’s a city-state in Italy
18733 No, and they don’t even seem to care
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