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Are You Attractive or Ugly Quiz

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It is safe to say that you are experiencing difficulty with your confidence? Is it accurate to say that you are stressed that you're not sufficiently alluring to get an accomplice? Try not to stress, since this test will fill you in as to whether you are attractive or in the event that you have to change your look! *Don't overlook that your identity and soul is more alluring than your looks

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1. What type of personality are you?

1328 caring and loving
1329 humorous
1330 strong and independent
1331 elegant

2. How your dressing style changes ?

1332 According to occasion
1333 Never change
1334 According to mood
1335 Changes only in parties

3. Which is your favorite color?

1336 Red
1337 Black
1338 White
1339 Turquoise

4. Which fashion style you prefer?

1340 Vintage fashion style
1341 Sexy
1342 Casual
1343 Sophisticated

5. What is your favorite hobby among the following?

1344 Writing/reading
1345 Playing sport
1346 Adventuring
1347 Cooking

6. What is your eye color?

1348 Black
1349 Green
1350 Blue
1351 Brown

7. how is your height?

1352 tall
1353 short
1354 medium
1355 short

8. How is your skin tone?

1356 light
1357 dark brown
1358 medium
1359 brown
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