Quiz: Are You A Vampire, A Werewolf Or A Witch?

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Am I a Dominant or Submissive Personality Quiz
Your personality speaks a lot about you! You might have judged a lot of people just on the basis of their personality and might have had a thought about them as well. Well, your personality might also tell something new about you. Have you ever thought what if you are a Vampire? Or a Werewolf or a Witch? What traits of yours might match any of them? You might be eager to know Are You A Vampire A Werewolf Or A Witch?

Questions Excerpt

1. Which word suits your personality the best?

A. Clever

B. Intelligent

C. Quirky

D. Adventurous

2. What is your ideal weekend night?

A. Hang out with friends

B. Partying

C. Studying

D. Sleeping

3. Which quality do you want to have in your partner?

A. Loyalty

B. Good Looks

C. Kindness

D. Smartness

4. Pick your favorite:

A. Music

B. Food

C. Friends

D. Sleep

5. What is your favorite vacation place?

A. City

B. Woods

C. Ocean

D. Small Town

6. Choose your best part about yourself?

A. Eyes

B. Personality

C. Positivity

D. Determination

7. Pick your favorite color?

A. Black

B. Red

C. Grey

D. Magenta

8. What is your favorite food?

A. Meat

B. Fruit

C. Bread

D. Pasta

9. What is your favorite time of the day?

A. Morning

B. Evening

C. Night

D. Afternoon

10. Which is your favorite drink?

A. Juice

B. Beer

C. Whiskey

D. Wine

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