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Quiz: How Much Of A Psychopath You Really Are?

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People who have antisocial personality disorder considered as a sociopath. They don’t understand the feelings of other people. They don’t respect the norms and laws of society. They don’t feel guilty or remorse for any harm. They use mind games for controlling friends, family members, co-workers. They control strangers also. If you suspect that you are also one of them then take this quiz and know more about it.

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1. How fast do you think; you will be angry on someone?

6216 Just a few minutes
6217 A few hours
6218 It depends on what causes the anger
6219 You normally don’t succumb to anger

2. Do you remember the feeling of your first love?

6220 Yes, like it was yesterday
6221 No, not really and you don’t see why you should
6222 Sometimes you think about, but it’s the past so you don’t really care that much
6223 You used to but not anymore

3. Which one is most important in your life?

6224 Yourself
6225 Your mom
6226 Your pet
6227 Actually nobody

4. Do you care what people think about you?

6228 Yes, very much
6229 Sometimes
6230 Not really because according to you they are all losers
6231 You are only concerned when your interests are being threatened

5. Do feel that your prank scares the other person?

6232 Yes, probably
6233 Yes, most of the time
6234 No, not really
6235 Sometimes

6. Does anyone label you as a psychopath?

6236 Yes
6237 Sometimes
6238 Not really
6239 No

7. Does your partner scare due to your behavior?

6240 Yes
6241 No
6242 It is possible because they prefer avoiding you when you are angry
6243 No, because they accept you as you are

8. Do you feel that you need a psychiatrist?

6244 Yes
6245 No
6246 You used to but not anymore
6247 You were recommended to see a specialist but you never did

9. Name the worst thing you want to do in your life?

6248 Killing someone
6249 Putting a bomb in a building
6250 Strangling someone
6251 You generally don’t have these types of thoughts

10. Which word describes you most?

6252 Antisocial
6253 Sad
6254 Depressed
6255 Just a normal person who loves life
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