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Test Your Knowledge About Nostradamus a French Astrologer Physician Quiz

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Nostradamus made his predictions in a hundred of hundred verses, the number of such centuries is twelve, of which many verses of the last two centuries are not available. These centuries have been called the century. According to this census of Nostradamus, we are going through the second great cycle period of the moon, which began in 1889 and will end in 2243. According to Nostradamus, this period is the silver age for mankind. Nostradamus made these predictions about 499 years ago. Nostradamus has predicted the third world war at the same time, he has also predicted the birth of a great politician who will be the head of the world and bring peace in the world. But there are differences in where this great person will be born. However, most experts believe that the 'liberator' of the world will be born in India. Let's know more about Nostradamus a French Astrologer Physician.

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1. When was Nostradamus born in France?

64130 21 December 1503 Julian calendar
64131 21 December 1513 Julian calendar
64132 21 December 1523 Julian calendar
64133 21 December 1533 Julian calendar

2. What is the actual name of Nostradamus?

64134 Cesar Nostradam
64135 Michel de Nostredame
64136 Both of the above
64137 None of these

3. Which of the following books is written by Nostradamus?

64138 Nostradamus and His Prophecies
64139 The Prophecies
64140 Orus Apollo
64141 All of the above

4. When was Nostradamus and his Prophet's Book published?

64142 Published in 1552
64143 Published in 1555
64144 Published in 1557
64145 Published in 1559
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