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Would I Be A Good Teacher Quiz

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Teachers are not only the one who give us the educational knowledge or knowledge from books we are being assigned for our syllabus.Any person in our life from whom we have learned any perspective of life,has acted as teacher to us in our life.Similarly if we have taught anyone any good deed or anything in their life which could have helped them signifies that we have played a role of teacher to them. Now test yourself with Would I Be A Good Teacher Quiz & get some awesome result.

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1. If you found anyone doing wrong in front of you what would you do ?

5908 Explain the person about the demerit of activity
5909 Ignore the person and move
5910 Comment the person and criticize
5911 No affect

2. If a kid demands you for an expensive and unneccessary thing what you would do then?

5912 Get the item to the kid
5913 Scold the kid
5914 Politely conveince the kid not to demand for it
5915 You would offer the kid another thing

3. One of your friend get stuck in his work and is unable to do it what would you do?

5916 Help your friend
5917 Tell your friend the way to perform the task
5918 Ask him that you will do it for him
5919 Give an excuse that you cannot help

4. Are you a short tempered and irritated person?

5920 Yes
5921 Sometimes
5922 No
5923 Never

5. Do you remember things for long term of period?

5924 Almost
5925 No
5926 Yes
5927 Never

6. If someone is telling you his/her memory or story what do you do?

5928 Ignore and pretend that you are listening
5929 Just listen without attention
5930 Listen and develop interest in it and cross question
5931 Start telling your related incidents

7. Do you believe in being stuck to your values and moral?

5932 Sometimes, may vary upon situation
5933 Strictly always
5934 No
5935 No such hardship values

8. If you are asked to demonstrate one adventerous trip to someone how woyuld you do?

5936 You would try to maintain everyone's interest in it
5937 You would just simply demonstrate your trip no matter anyone is able to understand or not
5938 You would ,make it as an interactive conversation in a way that everyone is involved in it
5939 You would treat this demonstration as a burden

9. Are you passionate for any first time task being given to you?

5940 Dependent over the task
5941 Avoid to take any task at first
5942 Take it as a challennge
5943 Completely deny for such tasks

10. Are you able to express your points to others confidently?

5944 Feel shy at first
5945 Confident to deliver the views
5946 Fear of public speaking
5947 Do not prefer to speak at public
Let’s start the quiz

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