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Can You Pass This Test Quiz On World No Tobacco Day

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Today, more than 7 million people die every year worldwide due to the consumption of tobacco products, there are about 900,000 people without tobacco, WHO on 31 May observed World Tobacco Prohibition Day. To encourage a period of 24 hours from the consumption of all forms of tobacco, announced to celebrate.WNTD promotional material provides the most "official" interpretation of tobacco-related research and statistics and provides a common ground from which to formulate anti-tobacco arguments around the world. The theme of World No Tobacco Day 2017 was "Tobacco - A Threat to Development". Can you pass this test on world no tobacco day?

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1. In the US alone, how many losses of lives are attributed to tobacco use?

25138 43430
25139 43,000
25140 430,000
25141 4.3 million

2. Tobacco smoking is a global pandemic, how many people are estimated to be smokers worldwide?

25142 Estimated 1.0 billion
25143 Estimated 1.2 billion
25144 Estimated 0.2 billion
25145 Estimated 2.2 billion

3. Approximately 80% of smokers who attempt to quit on their own relapse after how long?

25146 1 day
25147 1 week
25148 1 year
25149 1 month

4. In a study conducted in the North West of England, how many 14-17-year-olds were reported to have access to an e-cigarette?

25150 2 in 5
25151 1 in 5
25152 1 in 4
25153 2 in 3

5. At what temperature does a cigarette burn?

25154 1450°C
25155 1550°C
25156 1,000°C
25157 1,500°C

6. E-cigarettes are well known to operate at lower temperatures than cigarettes. At what temperature do e-cigarettes work?

25158 100°C
25159 600°C
25160 160°C
25161 960°C

7. In 2012, which country became the first to implement plain packaging?

25162 Australia
25163 Ireland and the UK
25164 France
25165 USA

8. Smoking is well documented to be a contributing factor for diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). How likely is a smoker to develop this disease?

25166 25% more likely
25167 50% more likely
25168 20% more likely
25169 05% more likely

9. Cigarette use in high-income countries has recently been reported to have dropped. What changes in the percentage of cigarette use were reported in low and middle-income countries?

25170 35% decrease
25171 25% decrease
25172 50% decrease
25173 50% increase

10. Smoking during pregnancy is significantly associated with increased risks of complications, but over a third of pregnant women have reported keeping smoking during pregnancy. From a study conducted in Greece, what was their reason?

25174 They were unable to quit.
25175 They lived with a partner who smoked.
25176 They simply didn't want to quit.
25177 All of the above

11. Bans on tobacco advertising have shown a decrease in consumption and smoking initiation. A survey from Turkey has shown to cut tobacco use after advertisement bans by how much?

25178 23% reduction
25179 3% reduction
25180 13% reduction
25181 33% reduction

12. Member States of the World Health Organization (WHO) created the World Tobacco Prohibition Day in _______.

25182 1947
25183 1997
25184 1977
25185 1987
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