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Why Am I So Tired Quiz

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When one is not happy with the situations or do the extra task to overcome the situation just to reach the state of replacement then one suffers from being tired. It is dependent over us that how we overcome this tiredness and how soon we reach the state of work.

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1. What is the major point of concern that affects you the most nowadays?

8199 Career
8200 Future
8201 Fun
8202 Work

2. Do you get irritated too frequently over small things or situations?

8203 Yes,always
8204 Sometimes
8205 No
8206 Unpredictable

3. What is more important to you when you are in a state of confusion?

8207 Stability
8208 Family
8209 Work
8210 Adventure

4. Which type of place provides you peace when you are upset?

8211 Isolated place
8212 Chilling place
8213 Adventerous place
8214 Work Place

5. Which word describes you the best?

8215 Emotional
8216 Career Focused
8217 Sensitive
8218 Adventurer

6. What sort of movies do you like?

8219 Comedy
8220 Action
8221 Romantic
8222 Hollywood

7. What type of games do you enjoy most?

8223 Video games
8224 Games with friends
8225 Old time Games
8226 Not interested

8. What do you prefer to do when you are stressed?

8227 Take rest
8228 Motivate yourself
8229 Travel
8230 Eat

9. What sort of occupation do you like?

8231 Business
8232 Corporate
8233 Government
8234 Still confused

10. With whom do you like to spend the time most?

8235 Family
8236 Friends
8237 Love ones
8238 Alone
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