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Whose Fashion Muse Would You Be Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What do you think about your style?

84121 Creative
84122 Quirky
84123 Excellent
84124 Unique

2. Do you like changes in your style?

84125 I am currently the best
84126 No, I am creative
84127 My sense is kinda my favorite
84128 I am own lost in my style

3. What type of person you can't resist?

84129 Who is sexy and smart
84130 Who is imaginative
84131 Who is confident
84132 Who can influence people

4. Do you watch any award shows to keep a check on the outfits of celebrities?

84133 Yeah! All of them
84134 Quite a few
84135 Only of my favorites
84136 No, I am the best

5. Which era of fashion do you like the most?

84137 All the era's
84138 90s
84139 Now!
84140 60s

6. How well do you handle the attention?

84141 Everyone focuses on me!
84142 I am a private person
84143 I may take it or leave it
84144 I wish everyone would focus on their life

7. Are you a spotlight of any party?

84145 Yes, everyone compliments me
84146 Some people generally say I have a great sense
84147 Some say I am lost in my own world
84148 II am not much into parties

8. When you don't dress up what are you doing?

84149 Thinking
84150 Sleeping
84151 Finding best outfits
84152 Shopping

9. If someone spoils your dress, what will be your reaction?

84153 The person is killed now!
84154 I might not talk to them again
84155 I don't give my dresses to someone
84156 I would expect apologies from them

10. Which is your favorite place to be on weekends?

84157 Comfy couch
84158 At a mall finding my best outfit
84159 Might be at a party or house
84160 I am always in my thoughts!
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