Whose Fashion Muse Would You Be Quiz

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Fashion is the most important thing that is nowadays used to describe personalities. Have you ever had a celebrity crush in terms of fashion? Have you ever seen their style, how they glow up the look? Have you ever thought which celebrity style might suit you? You might too flaunt the style in the same way they do and get a lot of fans ad followings! Well, you must be keen to know which celebrity style you must opt for? Let us try this quiz and you might out your interest!

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you think about your style?

A. Creative

B. Quirky

C. Excellent

D. Unique

2. Do you like changes in your style?

A. I am currently the best

B. No, I am creative

C. My sense is kinda my favorite

D. I am own lost in my style

3. What type of person you can't resist?

A. Who is sexy and smart

B. Who is imaginative

C. Who is confident

D. Who can influence people

4. Do you watch any award shows to keep a check on the outfits of celebrities?

A. Yeah! All of them

B. Quite a few

C. Only of my favorites

D. No, I am the best

5. Which era of fashion do you like the most?

A. All the era's

B. 90s

C. Now!

D. 60s

6. How well do you handle the attention?

A. Everyone focuses on me!

B. I am a private person

C. I may take it or leave it

D. I wish everyone would focus on their life

7. Are you a spotlight of any party?

A. Yes, everyone compliments me

B. Some people generally say I have a great sense

C. Some say I am lost in my own world

D. II am not much into parties

8. When you don't dress up what are you doing?

A. Thinking

B. Sleeping

C. Finding best outfits

D. Shopping

9. If someone spoils your dress, what will be your reaction?

A. The person is killed now!

B. I might not talk to them again

C. I don't give my dresses to someone

D. I would expect apologies from them

10. Which is your favorite place to be on weekends?

A. Comfy couch

B. At a mall finding my best outfit

C. Might be at a party or house

D. I am always in my thoughts!


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