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Quiz: Which Walking Dead Season 8 Character Are You?

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There are many shows to binge-watch that have caught your interest in a blink of an eye. Choosing one best of the several others is not everyone's cup of tea. Well, the show that has got a great interest of people in the Walking Dead. Season 8 of the show was much into talks because of its characters. Have you ever wondered you too might be a character of the show? Which character would you be? Do you have any of the traits similar to them, if yes, then what would they be? You might be eager to know which character are you? Then you should try this quiz and you will definitely get to know Which Walking Dead Season 8 Character Are You?

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1. In a survivor group, what role are you most likely to play?

89090 Leader
89091 Follower
89092 Trouble Maker
89093 Loner

2. If in a group someone was bitten what will you do?

89094 Kill them
89095 Leave them half dead
89096 Let them stay at a safer place
89097 Let someone else decide

3. If an outsider wants to come in the group, what will you do?

89098 Yes
89099 No
89100 Only If I trust them
89101 Kill them

4. According to you what is most important to have?

89102 Weapons
89103 Shelter
89104 More people around you
89105 Outside contacts

5. While hunting if you find another group of people, what will you do?

89106 Have a war with them
89107 Be friends with them
89108 Agree on what area is theirs
89109 Just leave

6. When you find a good space to hide but it has been run over by walkers, what will you do?

89110 Use it
89111 Depends on other members
89112 Not at all
89113 I'll let the leader decide

7. Which word describes your personality the most?

89114 Adventurous
89115 Quirky
89116 Frowny
89117 Generous

8. If are you alone and see a group what will you do?

89118 Try to be a part
89119 Depends on the scenario
89120 Leave them
89121 Ask if you can join but also come up with an idea on how you can become leader

9. If walkers attack what is the first thing you will do?

89122 Get weapons
89123 Ask team leader
89124 Kill Self
89125 Call for friends

10. What will you miss the most if walkers attacked you?

89126 Peace
89127 Your People
89128 Not being ate by walking dead
89129 Not worrying about food and water
Let’s start the quiz

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