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Which UK City Should You Study In Quiz

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Education is one of the greatest assets of all time. It's a basic necessity for a person to get educated to get a perfect and balanced career. Among several countries, the United Kingdom is one of the most amazing spots of education. The education systems quite in favor of students and motivates them for other curricular activities. But do you know which city should you study? Have you ever thought according to your personality, your interests, your vibe, and your preference in which city is best for you? Try out this quiz and you will answer to the question Which UK City Should You Study In?

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1. Which degree are you planning to major in?

86133 Business, Law or Finance
86134 Liberal Arts
86135 Engineering
86136 I haven't decided yet

2. What do you prefer: Education or Curricular Activities?

86137 Curricular
86138 Both equally
86139 More preference to curricular than education
86140 Education

3. What do you love to do in your free time?

86141 Anything with art
86142 Sports
86143 Checking out the place
86144 Hanging out at a pub

4. DO you like watersports and sailing?

86145 Quite often
86146 Maybe not
86147 Yes
86148 Not at all

5. Do you prefer to do shopping?

86149 Only when I need something
86150 Yeah! Why not?
86151 Not at all
86152 Equally prefer

6. Do you think you are a great music fan?

86153 Yes, I attend all concerts
86154 I just prefer at home
86155 I listen to release my stress
86156 No, I am not into this thing

7. Do you prefer to live by the sea?

86157 I am indifferent
86158 Yes, I love it
86159 No, I don't like it
86160 I might prefer depending on place

8. Where are you found mostly on weekends?

86161 Completing my assignments
86162 Partying
86163 Sleeping
86164 Gossiping

9. Are you an extrovert or introvert?

86165 Depending upon people
86166 Introvert
86167 Extrovert
86168 Ambivert

10. DO you like to travel alone, with friends or with family?

86169 Alone
86170 Family
86171 Friends
86172 With Everyone
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