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Quiz: Which Member Of Pentagon Will Date You?

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Do you also feel like music is the best therapy session? Are you also a music lover? Do you also like to listen to a music band and groove into its beats? If yes, then you might be knowing and loving the finest Kpop Korean Music Band Pentagon? All the members of the band have been in great talks. Have you ever thought about what if any of the members of the band becomes your partner? How might your life be? What fun and adventures might come your way? If you are confused, then this is the perfect time to end your confusion! Try it out and see your partner.

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1. Describe your personality?

110718 Quirky
110719 Smart
110720 Generous
110721 Adventurous

2. What one thing about the opposite gender attracts you the most?

110722 Facial Looks
110723 Height
110724 Body Type
110725 Dressing Sense

3. Do you workout?

110726 Often
110727 Somewhat
110728 Very Often
110729 Rarely

4. What is the most important thing for you?

110730 Food
110731 Sleep
110732 Family
110733 Friends

5. Pick your favorite place for vacation?

110734 New York
110735 Amsterdam
110736 Las Vegas
110737 California

6. What is your favorite color?

110738 Black
110739 Purple
110740 Magenta
110741 Red

7. What is the one thing you love about Pentagon the most?

110742 Choreography
110743 Rap
110744 Vocal
110745 Visuals

8. What is your favorite genre of movies?

110746 Action
110747 Horror
110748 Romance
110749 Comedy

9. What is your height?

110750 5''1'
110751 5"3'
110752 5"0'
110753 5"6'

10. DO you like spicy food?

110754 Often
110755 Very often
110756 Somewhat
110757 Rarely

11. What is your favorite activity?

110758 Watching activity
110759 Swimming
110760 Reading
110761 Playing piano

12. Choose your favorite artist?

110762 Monsta X
110763 The 1975
110764 Bruno Mars
110765 Little Mix

13. Choose your favorite Pentagon member?

110766 Yeo One
110767 Hui
110768 Jinho
110769 Hongseok
Let’s start the quiz

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