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Which Kind Of Vintage Girl Are You Quiz

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You must have seen a lot of girls having a great fashion sense that you might love. You've probably loved their style and might love it too. You must be thinking can I ever too rock this style the way they do efficiently. But have you ever thought which type of vintage girl are you? You must be keen to know can you ever be called stylish enough and might be a fashion icon one day? Try out this quiz and you might find the answer to the question Which Kind Of Vintage Girl Are You?

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1. Which word describes you the best?

84437 Confident
84438 Kind
84439 Perfect
84440 Experimental

2. In your friend circle, what role do you play?

84441 Mother
84442 Leader
84443 Humourous
84444 Helping Hand

3. How do you think your friends might describe you?

84445 Sassy Queen
84446 Adorable
84447 Prettiest
84448 Whatta Girl

4. Which trait of yours do you feel to work on?

84449 Confidence
84450 Fashion
84451 Arrogance
84452 Carelessness

5. How attractive do you find yourself on a scale of 1-15?

84453 14.5
84454 10
84455 12
84456 13

6. Do you think you might give good advice?

84457 No, I can't
84458 Well yes
84459 Maybe not sure
84460 Umm depends on the problem

7. Do you think you are a high maintenance person?

84461 No, I am good
84462 Somewhat high
84463 A happy medium the two
84464 Yes, I am a big one

8. Which of the following items you can't live without?

84465 Makeup
84466 Cellphone
84467 Books
84468 Television

9. What do you do in your free time?

84469 Work
84470 Cook
84471 Go Shopping
84472 Television

10. How long do you take to get ready in the morning?

84473 3 hours
84474 Depends on where am I going
84475 I am always ready
84476 Less than 10 minutes
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