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Quiz: Which I May Destroy You Character Are You?

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‘I May Destroy You’ is a mesmerizing series dealing with assault and the trauma after it. Such a highly sensitive series has been critically appraised many times. The story chills our bones as Arabella recollects her traumatic memories. There are many interesting characters here and you may wonder which one are you? Are you a loyal friend? Or are you a recovering victim? Take the quiz and let your personality decide.

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1. What is the worst experience of your life?

128058 Being bullied
128059 Ridiculed for my sexuality
128060 Losing someone important
128061 Victim of a crime

2. What is your biggest fear?

128062 Being forgotten
128063 Failure
128064 Heights
128065 Darkness

3. How would you describe yourself?

128066 Creative
128067 Helpful
128068 Optimistic
128069 Secretive

4. What is your weekend plan?

128070 Partying
128071 Picnic
128072 Chilling alone
128073 Volunteering in an orphanage

5. What is your profession?

128074 Writer
128075 Entrepreneur
128076 Dancer
128077 Something illegal

6. How are your friends?

128078 Always helpful
128079 Always cheerful
128080 Not in contact anymore
128081 Don’t have friends

7. If your best friend tells you her problems, you would __________?

128082 Try to come up with a solution
128083 Give her emotional support
128084 Try to divert her mind
128085 Buy her comfort food

8. What is your biggest insecurity?

128086 Appearance
128087 Being replaceable
128088 Receiving unwanted attention
128089 Being cheated on

9. What is your clothing style?

128090 Hippy vibes
128091 Classy and elegant
128092 Comfortable and cozy
128093 Anything clean

10. Have you ever had a blackout?

128094 Yes
128095 Only when I was drunk
128096 Not sure
128097 No
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