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You either get ripped apart or you do the ripping. Take this Animal Personality Test and learn where you sit on the food chain. Should you run and hide when the predators come into the office or the party, or are you the lion, stalking his or her prey?

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1. What is your favorite anime movie?

1956 Princess belle
1957 Samba
1958 Pikachu
1959 Aladdin

2. What is your favorite color?

1960 Red
1961 Yellow
1962 Orange
1963 Pink

3. What will you do when some hits you?

1964 Ignore
1965 Kick
1966 Inform police
1967 Run

4. What is the purpose of your life?

1968 To serve my nation
1969 To help the needy
1970 To change the system
1971 To do everything to make my family happy.

5. What kind of people are you?

1972 Loving & caring
1973 Sensitive
1974 Soft hearted
1975 Other

6. What is your waking time?

1976 Early in the morning before 5 oclock
1977 6 o’clock
1978 8 o’clock
1979 After 8 o’ clock

7. Which trait describe you?

1980 Passionate
1981 Lazy
1982 Sincer
1983 Other

8. Which superhero do you like?

1984 Wonder woman
1985 Superman
1986 Spider man
1987 Other than these
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