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When Will Labor Start Quiz

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Babies are the sunshine of a parent’s life. Every couple eagerly waits for the day that sets the beginning of joy to their home. Are you close to those 'niggly' aches start of the real thing? Are you near to deliver your baby or is there more time to wait? Let us find out when will labor starts with this fun labor prediction quiz.

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1. Had you born exactly on the due date?

130945 I was born after the due date
130946 I was a premature baby
130947 I was born 15 days before the due date
130948 I was born 7 days after the due date

2. Was your husband/wife a pre-mature baby?

130949 No
130950 He/She born 7-10 days after the due date
130951 He/She born before the due date
130952 Don’t know

3. How many children do you have?

130953 None
130954 One
130955 Two
130956 Three

4. Your previous deliveries were-

130957 Normal
130958 Vaginal Birth
130959 Caesarean
130960 Water Birth

5. Does the labor been induced in your previous deliveries?

130961 Yes
130962 No
130963 Not exactly
130964 Don’t remember

6. How are the contractions you are experiencing?

130965 Irregular and sinking
130966 Frequent contractions those get stronger
130967 Rare momentary contractions
130968 Very fewer contractions

7. How was your cervix in the last vaginal exam?

130969 Thick and closed
130970 Dilated and thinned
130971 Slightly relaxed
130972 Don’t know

8. Are you experiencing dull lower back pain?

130973 Occasionally
130974 Yes
130975 No
130976 Often

9. What is the position of your baby?

130977 Lateral position
130978 Head-down or cephalic position
130979 Bottom-down (breech) position
130980 Transverse lie position

10. How about your weight in the past week?

130981 Remained the same
130982 Increased slightly
130983 Dropped a little
130984 Increased much
Let’s start the quiz

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