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A Letter to God Quiz: How Much You Know About A Letter to God Story For 10th Grade?

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Questions & Options

1. Who is the author of the lesson 'A Letter to god?

84241 G.L. Fuentes
84242 J.k. Rowling
84243 William Shakespeare
84244 Roald Dahl

2. What type of conflict does the chapter highlight?

84245 Conflict between nature and humans
84246 Conflict among humans
84247 Both of these
84248 None of these

3. What did Lencho ask for in his second letter?

84249 More money
84250 Remaining amount and not send it by mail
84251 Remaining amount and send it by mail only
84252 He didn't ask for anything

4. What did Lencho think of the post-office employees?

84253 Bunch of crooks
84254 Rude
84255 Unhelpful
84256 Proud

5. How did he feel when he counted the money?

84257 Grateful
84258 Joyful
84259 Relieved
84260 Angry

6. Why was Lencho not surprised at seeing the money in the envelope?

84261 He was too sad to acknowledge it
84262 He had unwavering faith in God
84263 He was an ungrateful man
84264 None of the above

7. What did the postmaster feel about experiencing Lencho receive the letter?

84265 Contended
84266 Proud
84267 Overwhelmed
84268 All of the above

8. How much money was the postmaster able to arrange?

84269 100 pesos
84270 Nil
84271 1000 pesos
84272 70 pesos

9. Why did the postmaster decide to reply to Lencho's letter?

84273 He was a good man
84274 He felt empathetic
84275 To preserve Lencho's faith in God
84276 All of the above

10. The postmaster was a fat, amiable man. What is the meaning of amiable?

84277 Rude
84278 Helpful
84279 Friendly
84280 Enthusaistic

11. How much money did Lencho ask for?

84281 100 pesos
84282 1000 pesos
84283 10 pesos
84284 500 pesos
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