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Quiz: What Type Of Paranormal Activity Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. Pick a cute fall date sounds like the most fun to you?

119680 Carving crazy pumpkins
119681 Picking apples in an orchard
119682 Visiting a near museum
119683 Walking through a park

2. What's your biggest turn-off when it comes to dating?

119684 Guys who dress sloppily
119685 Needy Guys
119686 Cold Guys
119687 Guys who rely on me for every plan

3. What's your messaging style?

119688 More into sending pics
119689 I like you if I am texting you
119690 Casual
119691 I reply everytime

4. Are you goth for any of these TV shows?

119692 Originals
119693 Teen Wolf
119694 Lucifer
119695 All of the above

5. What kind of creature would you play in Dungeons & Dragons?

119696 Sorcerer
119697 Monk
119698 Warrior
119699 Rogue

6. What makes you feel cozy?

119700 Playing tag in a pumpkin match
119701 Snuggling under a blanket
119702 Hanging out in a museum
119703 Reading a mystery

7. Choose a spooky location would you totally visit with a hot guy if he asked you to?

119704 A Haunted Hotel
119705 Stonehenge
119706 Underground club
119707 Woods in a full moon

8. What's the most attractive thing a guy can do?

119708 Write a poem
119709 Be unpredictable
119710 Pick me and carry me up
119711 Fix broken things in my house

9. What will you choose: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

119712 Team Edward
119713 Team jacob
119714 Both of them
119715 None of them

10. What flirty things do you expect If a guy wants to get your attention?

119716 Just a message with name
119717 Randomly ask you to marry him
119718 Ignore you for weeks
119719 Ask your advice

11. What is your role in a band?

119720 Lead Singer
119721 Lead Guitarist
119722 Drummer
119723 Keyboardist

12. How often do you believe in astrology?

119724 Very Often
119725 Often
119726 Somewhat
119727 Rarely
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